Frustration Worksheet

Frustration occurs when you feel powerless or out of control, and lets you know that something is not working as you planned.

Being frustrated drains your physical and emotional energy, confuses your thoughts and blocks you from being productive. You might want to eliminate this emotion from your life.

Confronting and overcoming frustration can add to your self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of personal power.

To relieve frustration, take action or let the situation go.

In the space below, identify the major frustrations in your life. Then decide whether you have the power/authority/ability to change them. If you do, write a plan and realistic goals for dealing with each frustration. If you do not, then let go of the need to control, and find something you can impact. Either way, let the feeling of frustration go!

Frustrating Situation:

Do I have the power/authority/ability to impact this situation?

If the above answer is “YES”, my action plan is:

If the answer is “NO”, I will do this to LET IT GO:



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